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  • "Thank you so very much again Rich.  Karey and I do feel MUCH more confident after taking your course.  We will definitely be contacting you before we begin our first day to make sure all the information is set in.

          Also, if there is ever a job opening in your business, I would be honored to be considered for the position.  

         I  would  love to work for and with a company that has as much compassion  and integrity as yours.

         Thanks again!"

         SW (5 star rating)

  • "I have been flagging for awhile (since 2004).  I learned more from Mr. White than any other instructor I tested with." 5 star rating
  • "Fantastic teacher, thanks!" 5 star rating
  • "Thank you very much!" 5 star rating
  • "Great job." 5 star rating
  • "Rich is great!" 5 star rating
  • "Excellent teaching, thank you." 5 star rating
  • "Great time." 5 star rating
  • "I learned a lot. Thanks a lot." 5 star rating
  • "Class moves fast, pay attention.  Clear and concise info and presentation." 5 star rating
  • "Great job!  Fast paced and very understandable."  5 star rating
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